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As a Certified Master in The Leadership Challenge and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, Roxanne has spent over 15 years working with organizations of all sizes and industries in developing authentic cultures of leadership, growth and success.

Approaching leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors, The Leadership Challenge framework grew out of rigorous research that first began in 1982 when Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner set out to understand those times when leaders performed at their personal best. What emerged were five fundamental practices common to extraordinary leadership achievements.  Now known worldwide as the most practical model of leadership development, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® continues to prove its effectiveness in cultivating and liberating the leadership potential in anyone—at any level, in any organization—who chooses to accept the challenge to lead.

Today, over 3 million respondent surveys have been analyzed and over 1500 dissertations and research projects have been based on The Five Practices.  And as measured and validated by the Leadership Practices Inventory—one of the most widely used leadership assessment tools—ongoing empirical research continues to reaffirm that leaders who engage in The Five Practices are more effective and successful than those who do not.

Know us by the company we keep

In corporations and nonprofits, from academia to government, healthcare to technology, The Leadership Challenge has helped millions of leaders gain clarity in their vision and purpose.  And along the way, they’ve shown how, when you empower those who follow to achieve their personal best, you can transform companies, campuses, and organizations anywhere in the world.

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model … FROM JIM AND BARRY

Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior—an observable set of skills and abilities.  And when we first set out to discover what great leaders actually do when they are at their personal best, we collected thousands of stories from ordinary people—the experiences they recalled when asked to think of a peak leadership experience.  Despite differences in culture, gender, age, and other variables, these “Personal Best” stories revealed similar patterns of behavior.  In fact, we discovered that when leaders are at their personal best there are five core practices common to all: they are…


Almost four decades later, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model continues to prove its effectiveness as a clear, evidence-based path to achieving the extraordinary—for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.  It turns the abstract concept of leadership into easy-to-grasp Practices and behaviors that can be taught and learned by anyone willing to step up and accept the challenge to lead.  

As measured and validated by the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)—one of the most widely used leadership assessment instruments in the world—ongoing studies consistently confirm that The Five Practices and our assessment tools are positively related to both the effectiveness of leaders and the level of commitment, engagement, and satisfaction of those that follow.


  • 360° Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

ProLaureate uses the LPI 360° assessment tool that was created around the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:  Model the Way; Inspire a Shared Vision; Challenge the Process; Enable Others to Act; and Encourage the Heart.

This tool helps us to gaining deeper insights, awareness and understanding of leadership skills and how they impact the company’s culture, growth, success and the people’s development and productivity in improving bottom-line performance.




Call or email for more details and information on a customized program for your organization.


Other leadership development assessments that can be applied in all programs include:

  • DISC

  • Strengths Finder

  • Values Index

  • Hartman Color Code

  • Killman Conflict Mode

  • Life Wheels

  • And several others…

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