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What if… 

If every one of us was born with a heart of gold? 


A heart that led us to create a life and legacy of purpose, meaning and impact – and helped others to do the same? How would our families, relationships, businesses, communities, governments and world be different?

People of all generations, cultures, religions, countries, education, personal preference,

socio-economic position and status would meet each other where they are and learn, accept and grow.

Teams and organizations would work together for the greater good with

trust and respect, developing innovations to better serve others in all walks of life.

Countries, and those who lead them, would partner to learn more about each other, their cultures

and beliefs to embrace the differences and share the similarities to make our world a better place for all.

But it would take hearts of gold to make it happen – and that’s just a myth.  Right?

NO.  It’s not a myth.

Every one of us is born with 0.2 milligrams of gold in our bodies. 


It is in our blood, our bones, our muscles… 
and the highest concentration of it is in our heart. 


Every one of us has a heart of gold.

This is where our own individual leadership potential lies within each of us.  We just need to find the courage and determination to dig it out.  That’s what develops us as leaders.  Not all who are born become leaders, but all who are born have the potential to become leaders. 

This is our VISION and our leadership challenge – to bring out the strength, the courage and the heart to unleash the inner gold within ourselves and others to become the people, leaders, organizations, communities and world we are meant to be… what if…?

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