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Meet ROX

Leadership Master, Speaker & Author

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I was five years old.  The teacher asked for volunteers.  No one did.


No wonder. 


It was terrifying.


They wanted one of us to do a Celtic Sword dance in front of the entire school, family, friends, community and … SISTER LYDIA. Everyone was scared.  So was I.  Then I said, “I'll do it!"


And they said, "Yes!  And let's get started!"


I was terrified… and electrified. I did it.  Result - a standing ovation and yes, Sister Lydia, too.  And so it began... transformation... and a love of blending the art and science of performance, courage and heart with the art and science of leadership - in business and in life.


From that first terrifying and electrifying experience on a stage; throughout school and college years as a theatre, arts and communication major; during years of non-profit work in the performing arts and restoring old theatres into performing arts centers; through a meteoric rise in a highly successful corporate career as the only woman in a male dominated company; to making a life-changing decision to follow my dream of entrepreneurship; I’ve learned, developed, honed and discovered a deep understanding of, and passion for, genuine and authentic leadership.

And it starts with self.  Understanding and developing self first... stepping into who we really are - with courage, grit, grace, determination and purpose.  And then, helping others do the same to become the very best of themselves - in life and business.



I love the art and science of performance...  and I love the transformational power of genuine and authentic leadership.  For me, they are both intrinsically and inherently linked to each other, and are the drivers of achieving our own definition of success.

And, I love helping and seeing others discover their own inner leader... and emerging as champions.

Just say.... "I'll do it!". 

Yes! And, let the journey begin.




  • Professional Speaking, Keynotes
    & Workshops

  • Leadership/Professional Development/Culture Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Group Facilitation, Training &
    One-on-One Coaching

  • Strategic Thinking & Planning



  • Insurance

  • Financial/Accounting/Insurance

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation

  • Higher Education

  • Consumer Products

  • Law Firms

  • Manufacturing

  • (Among Others)



  • LPI 360°

  • Strengths Finder

  • DISC Index

  • Values Index

  • Attribute Index

  • Hartman Color Code

  • Killman Conflict Mode

  • Life Wheels

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