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Roxanne’s keynotes, workshops and seminars will open the door to making inspiration happen.


She speaks from her heart, her experience and her wisdom – and shares all of it - the good, the bad and the ugly; with passion, purpose and power; and with her whole self - with stories, insights, humor, planning, processes and systems to immediately take actions of positive impact and results driven thinking and behavior.


The result is an experience that is rich, inspiring and thought provoking – as well as real life lessons that apply to your specific issues – with new perspectives, awareness, knowledge and immediately actionable hands-on tools that will transform your people and organization.


All of Roxanne’s keynotes, workshops and seminars are customized to each client’s needs, wants, objectives and unique culture.  Let us know what topic you would like to cover and we will let you know if it falls in Rox’s lane and can develop a unique talk specifically for your team.

Some of the most popular RoxTalk topics include:

  • “I to the Power of 3 – a three step process to transform your life and career”

  • “The Life you Live is the Legacy you Leave – Empowering Your Life with Grace and Grit”

  • “The Leadership Challenge -  Transforming Your Organizational Culture into a Force of Exemplary Leadership and Success”

  • “Joe – Your Title Does Not Make You a Leader”

  • “It’s a Women’s World – We Just Don’t Know It Yet – The Power of Attitude”

  • “Stand Tall, Speak Authentically, Be You – Leadership Begins with You”

  • “Leadership is not an affair of the head – Leadership is an Affair of the Heart”.


Take a few ‘inside looks’ at RoxTalks keynotes in action…

RoxTalk  - June 17, 2020
Roxanne - Speaker
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