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The life you live,
is the legacy you leave.

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“The only person in the world who can create your life, in your time and in your way – is you. And that ‘you’ has to be your most authentic and genuine self, empowered by knowing and doing what only you can do best in the world – and then doing it.


As you become more and more focused on the life and legacy you want to create, and the person you want to become, you find clarity of purpose, renewed focus, energy and the motivation to - not become a different version of your past yourself – but to become a new you who is reinventing to the next best and highest level of you.


We need to take the time to be in a safe place where we can truly be ourselves – to learn and share our grace; to reflect, laugh and share our grit; and to dream again; make our plan; and embrace the best of ourselves and others.  And then unleash our magnificence into the world.”


Roxanne Kaufman

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