i3 Transformational Leadership develops the foundational knowledge, skills, attitudes, and goal setting and achieving processes to catapult your people and your organization into a culture of authentic leadership.


This is a high impact, life and business-changing process that delivers lasting, meaningful changes to help you achieve individual, team, and organizational goals and objectives.  It is a high-growth process that takes organizations to new levels of impact and growth.


Over the last 20 years, Roxanne has developed the i3 Transformational Leadership program into a powerhouse of practical, step-by-step leadership learning.  She has spent thousands of hours of study, research, certification programs, field work and hands-on experience in one-on-one coaching and small groups with small, medium and large firms in both private and public for-profit business and not-for-profit organizations. 


i3 Transformational Leadership is a proven, practical journey that locks in a solid foundation of leadership throughout the organization and in the ongoing leadership development of individuals and teams at all levels.


i3 inspires, defines and communicates vision… ignites individual and team passion and engagement to achieve it… impacts the entire organization by building generational collaboration and strength; building teams into high performing cohorts; developing high potentials into the leaders of tomorrow; helping your strategy become a powerhouse of execution and results; and developing leaders that others will willingly follow into the future.  This is leadership culture development with impact.

While much has been written about leadership,

it remains for many a misunderstood and elusive quality. 


The capacity for leadership exists in everyone,

but most people never take the time to develop it. 

A leader combines the vision and curiosity of a dreamer -

with the practical engineering of a builder. 


A leader knows their own strengths and challenges

and is goal directed, looking forward with anticipation

toward the attainment of measurable outcomes. 


A leader is a person who communicates,

interacts and manages self and others with

integrity, openness, trust and vision.  


A leader sets goals and achieves results. 


Motivation, attitude, alignment to strengths and goals give an

effective leader meaning and purpose, and serve as a continuous source of success

and achievement in pursuit of organizational, team and individual success.


i3 Transformational Leadership Development

One-on-One Coaching

Small Group Programs


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