and motivate your teams and organization to higher levels of performance and results on a consistent basis and into the future.


and unleash the power of leadership in your people, teams and organization, creating a results driven culture of exemplary leadership into the future.



and make a real difference in your organization, community, world – while building a legacy of authentic leadership and positive impact into the future.



Roxanne Kaufman Elliott’s presentation “I to the Power of Three” articulates the characteristics of true leadership and the impact it transmits, the loyalty it creates and the influence it unleashes.  It is the kind of leadership that forms powerful teams, great companies and vibrant communities.  It teaches leadership that engages both the right and left brain to enable confidence and clarity for communication and negotiation.  Through her personal stories and her depth of study and understanding, this talk gets to core of leadership that sets it apart from emblematic leadership presentations.  I highly recommend RoxTalks’s “I to the Power of Three” for anyone interested in authentic leadership with the power to make a lasting impact.

— Jan Conrad


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