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Emerge as a Champion™
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i3 One-on-One Coaching

The capacity for leadership exists within everyone. Unleash it.
One-on-One Coaching


i3 Small Group Program

Intensive, interactive, leadership development in a small group setting.
i3 Small Group Program



Prolaureate’s assessments are designed to bring out the best and showcase your inner leader.


Rox Talks

Roxanne speaks with her heart, passion and power.  RoxTalks… inspiring and thought provoking.
Visit RoxTalks

Prolaureate empowers people and organizations to fulfill their potential and become the leaders they are meant to be.

leafEmerge as a Champion.


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Upcoming RoxTalks

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Luncheon Keynote Speaker
empowHer Conference
Westfield Center
Hosted by The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce
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