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Roxanne is an eclectic blend of talent, experience and expertise. 

She is a certified leadership and executive coach;  seasoned and engaging performer and speaker;  25 year veteran in the successful development and implementation of business strategies, marketing and communication processes; and a passionate, engaging and down-to-earth person who cares deeply about helping others achieve extraordinary levels of happiness and success.

Roxanne has authored numerous business and leadership articles and will be publishing her first book on leadership and self-discovery in 2017.  She is a sought after keynote speaker and facilitator for her seminars and workshops on Leadership and Personal and Professional Development. 

Below is sampling of a few ROXtalks Keynotes. ROXtalks are also available as totally customized talks, presentations and seminars that focus on your specific needs, wants and topics.

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ROXANNE KAUFMAN ELLIOTT   I    Speaker • Author • i3 Leadership Master


“The Secret Sauce”
(i to the power of 3)
Everyone talks about Leadership.  We all know it’s critical to our success, happiness and the growth and sustainability of our businesses.  We know it when we see it.  We know it when we hear it.  We know it when we feel it.  It’s like the ‘secret sauce’.  It’s the unique difference between good and great – mediocrity and excellence – doing ‘OK’ and achieving extraordinary success.  But what is it?  Why does it matter?  How do we get more of it... develop it… hire it…  do it…  be it?  Discover your own unique capacity for leadership  - why it matters… and how to unleash it as a driver of success for yourself and others in business and in life!

“The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership”
Based on over 30 years of the research and writings of James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, The Leadership Challenge and the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership have become a global movement.  As a certified facilitator and coach in these transformational processes, Roxanne takes you through your own journey of self-discovery to identify your inner champion and leader, and how to build lives, organizations and cultures of exemplary leadership.

“The New Math”
This simple, yet profound, ‘formula for success’ will give you the tools, the steps and the understanding to finally get out of your own way to reach extraordinary levels of success and achievement in both your personal and professional lives.

“Work/Life-Balance – Myth or Reality?”
Is there really such a thing as work/life balance?  Maybe.  But more important than balance… is HARMONY.  It takes a different approach, attitude and understanding to bring harmony into our lives and careers, and it can be transformational. This is an engaging and interactive talk that gives you an ‘x-ray’ view of where you are right now in the six most important areas of your personal life, and the four most important areas of your professional life - and how to increase your happiness, success, goal achievement, productivity and yes, HARMONY, in all of them.

“Strategic Thinking & Planning in 7 Steps” Yes.  Really.  Just 7.

It’s a process – a repeatable, powerful, results driven process – learn it, use it and achieve your goals - every time and on time.  This is a ‘roll up your sleeves, dig in and get focused’ session that gives everyone the tools they need to be a powerhouse of accomplishment… and keep motivation strong.

“Never Wear Red. A Leadership Love Story.”

Based on Roxanne’s book by the same title that is being released in 2017, this keynote takes you through the often painful, triumphant, and yet, always fascinating journey of discovering YOU… your true north… your inner leader.  From finding your vulnerabilities, inner compass, strengths and values – to the power of reinvention, grit and hard work – to the joy of helping others along the same path.  This will inspire and motivate even the most stoic of souls to re-engage and become the leader they are meant to be.


All of Roxanne’s TALKS, one-on-one coaching and group leadership processes and programs are specifically customized to each individual, group and organization. 

She works within many different industries and with people at various points in their careers, with a special expertise and focus on working with high potentials and executives preparing for advancement to the executive and c-suite level in a wide range of businesses and organizations. 

“Passionate, down to earth, smart, real, funny, warm” – are just some of the words clients use to describe Roxanne’s style.  “Amazing breadth of experience, expertise, intelligence, commitment” – are just some of the words clients use to describe her impact.  ROXtalks are not just another ‘talk’… they are an experience!


Raquel Eatmon, CEO Rising Media LLC / Founder Woman of Power National Leadership Conference

Roxanne Kaufman Elliott is more than a speaker, she’s a truth teller- a spirited leader. I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Roxanne as a Keynote speaker and panelist of the Woman of Power National Leadership Conference and not only is she a brilliant speaker and facilitator but she is also a dynamic panelist. It’s rare in today’s bustling speaking/coaching field to find leaders who walk the walk of the talk that they talk, Roxanne breathes that, she lives it and she shares it with audiences throughout the world. Anyone seeking a highly skilled, professional, posh speaker should book Roxanne and watch her influence your team to take action.

Loree W. Connors, CPA, CFO and Treasurer / Vitamix Corporation

Roxanne is a dynamite speaker, with the spark that engages an audience and draws them in. Her presentations are passionate, colorful, always informative and usually end with a standing ovation.

Susan Poole, Executive Director / Community Resource Services

Roxanne is a very high-energy individual, with a unique ability to connect with audiences of all ages, professions and areas of interest. She is a truly gifted leader with many talents, including the way in which she mentors others through her creative and engaging speaking style. I would highly recommend Roxanne for any group looking for a dynamic presenter with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to share!

Steve Petti, President / New Image Media

Thank you, Roxanne, for the awesome presentation at our chamber luncheon. You delivered right-on-target content to our group with a unique style that held everyone’s attention and kept them really engaged and entertained from start to finish. The proof is in the feedback – it was excellent - you were really a hit!

Gail Stumphauzer, President & CEO / Margeau’s Free To Be Project

Inspiring, engaging, creative and thought provoking only begins to describe Roxanne’s amazing ability as a presenter and facilitator. Everyone can relate to her and open themselves up to discovering their authentic beautiful selves!

Edward F. Luttner, President / Edward Luttner Associates

Roxanne’s keynote presentation was EXCELLENT! She has a wonderful, personable style that helped each of us get a glimpse of the real Roxanne and at the same time helped us absorb her messages. She covered the areas of Developing Self Leadership, Discovering Your Potential, and Creating an Action Plan for Success with great clarity and energy. The response from her audience was extremely positive. They were also grateful that she stuck around and listened to their stories. Again, she is not only very professional, but very down to earth. We thank her very much for such an excellent presentation.

Will Limkeman, President / Limkemann Business Advisors

Roxanne has a rare combination of being a brilliant strategic thinker and having a wonderful personality. She has served on the board of the West Shore Entrepreneurs Club, which I chair, for over a year, and in that capacity has been a wealth of ideas and information. Roxanne is also a captivating public speaker. She is certainly an asset to any organization she serves.

Megan E. Kim, Vice President, Business Operations / COSE | Council of Smaller Enterprises

Roxanne is a genius. She completely transformed our staff’s perspective on leadership helping each of them to understand that it means something much deeper than managing people. Our team left the training feeling enthusiastic, empowered and proud of the unique leadership traits and strengths that will positively impact their career, their team and the organization as a whole.

Nicole Stika, Vice President, Energy Program / COSE | Council of Smaller Enterprises

Roxanne is an amazing, influential, an informal mentor to me and all around amazing woman that you will absolutely love!


  • i3 Leadership Master – ProLaureate

  • Certified Facilitator & Coach - Leadership Practices Inventory® and The Leadership Challenge® (Wiley Co.)

  • Certified Leadership & Strategic Planning Facilitator & Coach – RAC Corporation

  • Certified Executive Leadership Development Coach – LLM, Inc.

  • SOAR Certified Facilitator & Coach – Peer Exchange Network, Inc.

  • AA & BAC Degrees - Sinclair College & Bowling Green State University

  • Executive Certifications -  University of Wisconsin at Madison

  • Executive Certifications - American Marketing Association


  • Strengths Finder

  • LPI 360

  • DISC Index

  • Values Index

  • Attribute Index

  • DIALOG-Organizational Diagnostic Analysis



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