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“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done – because they want to do it.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

What is your level of personal power?  It’s a sign of authentic leadership and an important quality to develop in life and in business.  There is a big difference between personal power and granted authority, however, many people have the tendency to use the words interchangeably.

These words refer to two very different aspects of leadership.

Power is the capacity or ability to influence the behavior of others.  It does not depend upon title, rank, position or authority.  It is simply the ability to motivate others to take specific actions – because they want to.

Authority is the right granted from a person or an organization to another to represent, or to act, in a specified way.  For example, the CEO of a company is given the authority by the board of directors to run the company.  In turn, the CEO places managers in positions of authority over the various divisions and departments of the organization.

Authority is granted, but always has defined limits.  Power is earned – and can be limitless.  Most of us know that a person can possess a great deal of power and no authority.  Conversely, a person can have authority, but absolutely no power.

Real, genuine, authentic power creates a climate of trust, cooperation, and accomplishment in which people are positively motivated to pursue their own goals and the goals of the organization.

So – what is your level of personal power?  Whatever it may be, you can continue to build on it by simply being  you… genuinely you.  Be intentional about shaping your life according to your values and priorities.  Trust yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Be honest with yourself.  When you do, others will trust, believe and be honest with you – and this is the foundation that enhances personal power.


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By Roxanne Kau
August 01, 2017 Category: #Prolaureate, #leadership, #i3leadership, #theleadershipchallenge

Genuine leadership is defined by heart, integrity, honesty, courage, compassion and those many intangible qualities of being and creating the most authentic person and leader that resides within each one of us. It takes time, awareness, knowledge and purpose to build our inner leadership and leadership in others. And, it takes grit. It requires a willingness to be vulnerable and show our true selves to the world; strength to speak our mind clearly and with confidence; empathy and compassion for ourselves and others while staying strong and determined; and the focus, faith and belief to do what we know is right even when it is the most difficult thing to do. Its a fascinating journey and one I have traveled for decades. The further I go, the more I realize how much I still need to learn and experience. It seems like just when I reach a new level of self-awareness, something comes into my life that reminds me I still have much to learn and many more levels to ascend. Exciting? Yes.

Improv Is No Joke

By Roxanne Kaufman Elliot
July 27, 2017 Category: #improvisnojoke, #neverwearred, #RoxanneKaufmanElliott, #Prolaureate, #leadership, #i3leadership, #theleadershipchallenge, #Roxtalks

A few weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by Peter Margaritis for his podcast, Improv Is No Joke. The interview was a blast, and we got into detail on some topics Im really passionate about: How The Leadership Challenge can transform cultures Why leadership needs love How i3 executive training develops exemplary leaders You can find my interview on any of the following:, Google Play, iTunes, or Stitcher. Comment below and let me know what you think. Happy listening!

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