Our Story

A ProLaureate is a ‘Professional Champion’. 

We all know the terms Baccalaureate; Poet Laureate; Nobel Laureate; and so on.  The term Laureate comes from the ancient Greeks.  They would crown those who achieved exemplary success and knowledge in a field of study or in competitive events (the beginning of the Olympic Games) with a crown of laurel leaves.  And once crowned, they were then deemed the highest honor of - Laureate. 

The driving purpose behind creating this leadership development firm was, and is, to help more Laureates – Champions - emerge and make a positive, productive impact in the world… and especially in business.  Simply put, we need more leaders.  Genuine, authentic leaders in business and in all aspects of our human experience.  Hence, the name of company became “ProLaureate”

A bit more on the Laurels from Wikipedia:
Bay laurel was used to fashion the laurel wreath of ancient Greece, a symbol of the highest status. A wreath of bay laurels was given as the prize at the Pythian Games because the games were in honor of Apollo, and the laurel was one of his symbols.

The symbolism carried over to Roman culture, which held the laurel as a symbol of victory.  It is also the source of the words baccalaureate and poet laureate.

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